Techfrost E10 Blast Freezer
E10 Blast Freezer
E10 Blast Freezer
E10 Blast Freezer

E10 Blast Freezer

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The Techfrost E10 Blast Freezer is Advanced Gourmet's largest floor model blast chilling / shock freezing unit. This all-in-one blast freezer / blast chiller by Techfrost guarantees the quality of your food products, extending shelf life and preserving moisture, color, flavor, fragrance, and natural freshness. 

The E10 Blast Freezer provides the most high tech shock freezing / blast chilling for your professional kitchen, providing the largest capacity, in the least amount of space. The E10 Blast Chiller ensures high performance shock freezing, achieving an internal temperature of -40 in just 18 minutes. 

  • Multiple Applications - Techfrost Shock Freezer / Blast Chillers are indispensable in all sectors of gastronomy, pastry, gelato-making and bread-making, where work time and food safety standards have an essential role.
  • Versatile - Use the E10 as both a blast chiller and as a shock / blast freezer.
  • Spacious - With over 11 cubic feet of internal space, fit up to 10 trays / sheets in the E10 Blast Freezer.
  • Durable - The E10 Blast Freezer is constructed of durable, easy-to-clean stainless-steel
  • Professional - UL / NSF Certified
  • Advanced - An indirect ventilation system prevents food dehydration and ensures an even temperature distribution through out the chilling / freezing process.
  • Four (4) cycles in standard mode: two (2) for chilling to + 37 F and two (2) for freezing to negative temperatures
  • 30-40% more energy efficient, with faster chilling times – all while preserving the freshness and fragrance of the food
  • Indirect air distribution and special airflow pattern to ensure perfect temperature uniformity
  • Smudge-resistant controller touch pad
  • Moisture preservation system
  • Easy access to washable evaporators, waterproof fans, removable magnetic condenser filter

**Shelves are not included