Compacta Vario Pro 8 Batch Freezer
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Vario 8 Pro

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The Compacta Vario Pro comes with a variety of pre-programmed recipes and allows the operator to input recipes of their choice. With precise temperature control for both heating, cooling and freezing, the Compacta Vario Pro ensures consistency and reliable quality in daily production.

Vario Pro Multi-Function Batch Freezer:Advantages

The advantages are perfect for operations that produce gelato, ice cream and multiple recipes of custards and pastry creams.

  • Limited Space – All in one machine for heating/pasteurizing and freezing.
  • Limited Investment – One machine does it all. The two in one functionality allows low investment and high returns.
  • Low Operational Cost – Utilities are half that of opposing techniques for production methods that allow heating and freezing.
  • Flexible/Adjustable Production – The Vario Pro allows operators to choose very low minimum production options as well as large quantities.
  • Gelato/Ice Cream Production – During the heating/pasteurization process, mix is taken to chosen temperature in minutes. Easy transfer of heated product to the bottom cylinder is fast and efficient and with dual functionality the bottom and top work simultaneous to ensure high production output in record time.
  • Quantity per Batch Min/Max 1.5Lt. – 8Lt.
  • Electrical Supply – 208-230V / 3Ph / 60Hz
  • Min Amp. / Max Fuse – 50 / 50
  • Dimensions – W: 23.62” x L: 30.32” x H: 60.24”
  • Net Weight – 290Kg / 638Lb